General Policy and Requirements

Admission to the State University is the prerogative of the institution, and subject to the admission requirements of the State University.  The State University reserves the right to admit and reject a student on the basis of merit, academic and discipline.  Admission to the State University is not an absolute right but one to be enjoyed only under reasonable conditions. The reason for denial of admission is required, and the State University can deny admission to anyone in its ground.

A.  Admission of Freshmen Student

            All freshmen enrollees in any University or Campus of the State University must be graduates of Secondary Education Curriculum recognized by the Department of Education.

            All freshmen enrollees must have passed the University Entrance Test.  Those who qualify on the basis of this requirement must submit the following:

  1. Original High School Report Card (Form 38) duly signed by the principal and 1 photocopy of the same.
  2. Original copy of the University Admission Test signed by the Dean/Director;
  3. Result of drug testing from the DOH Drug Testing Center;
  4. Photocopies of Birth Certificate;
  5. Latest Income Tax Return of Parents;
  6. Certificate of Good Moral Character signed by the Principal/Registrar;
  7. 2 copies of 2×2 ID pictures;
  8. Duly accomplished Physical Examination from State University or Medical/Dental Clinic (height, weight, vital signs and drug test);
  9. One brown envelop.

Students with High School average below the cut-off grade of 85% for a degree program or course and who does not pass the University entrance examination shall automatically qualify for admission in non-degree programs or courses.

B.  Admission of Transfer Students

            Transferees are students who want to enroll in the State University after having been enrolled at another institutions.  Former students of the State University seeking re-admission to the State University and having been enrolled in another institution are considered transferees.

To apply for admission, a transferring student must submit the following credentials:

  1. Honorable Dismissal/Certificate of Transfer Credentials from the school last attended.
  2. Certificate of Good Moral Character issued and signed by the Dean of Student Affairs and Services or dully authorized representative from the school last attended.
  3. Informative copy of transcript of records, which should include the descriptive title of the subjects and units taken, and the grade earned.
  4. Photocopies of Birth Certificate (students show original copy for verification);
  5. Latest Income Tax Return of Parents;
  6. 2 pcs. of 2×2 ID pictures;
  7. Duly accomplished medical examination form;

A transferring student may be admitted provided:

  1. The applicant passes the academic requirement of the University;
  2. He/she shall complete not less than 50% of the units required in the University to finish his course.

Transfer course or subject shall be credited if the description of the course is similar to that of the State University determined by the University Registrar.  Provide, further that the grade obtained is not less than 2.5 or better.  Subjects previously used for graduation from a course shall no longer be taken.

C.  Continuing Students

            Students who leave the State University without enrolling elsewhere and seek readmission must present his/her clearance and grades of the subjects taken during the last semester of his/her attendance.  Continuing students are readmitted provided that he/she was registered and have passed the University Entrance Examination.

D. Resident Student

Resident students are those enrolled in the preceding and current semester in the State University. At the time of enrollment, a resident student must have the following:

  1. A copy of the latest Income Tax Return of the parents;
  2. A copy of his / her grades in all subjects during the previous semester;
  3. A copy of his/her duly accomplished clearance of the previous semester;
  4. A student with failure, dropped, incomplete grade and grades below 2.5 in major and professional subjects are subjects to the retention policies of the College where he/she is enrolled. He/she shall secure an approval for enrollment in the College.

E. Aliens, Naturalized Filipinos and Students with Foreign Names

Philippine born alien student must submit photostatic copy of the Alien Certificate Registration (ACR) and the Native Born Certificate of Registration (NBCR) which must be certified against original by the Regional Director of CHED Region IX. At the time of graduation the student should submit a receipt of payment for the Alien Registration Fee for the current year.

Children of Naturalized Filipino citizenship must submit a copy of Identification certificate issued by the Commission of Immigration, certified against the original by the CHED, Region IX.

Filipino citizens whose family names are of foreign origin must submit Birth Certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar. Foreign – born alien students must submit a photo static copy of Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR), which must be certified against the original by the Regional Director of CHED, Region IX.

Aliens, naturalized Filipinos and Students with foreign names must satisfy the entrance requirements and admission policies of the University for new or transfer students.

F. Shifting Within the University

A student who wishes to shift from one academic unit of the State University to another must:

  1. Seek guidance from guidance counselor;
  2. Secure shifting from the Registrar’s Office and submits a complete copy of grades certified by the Registrar.
  3. Pass the requirements of the receiving College;
  4. Seek approval of the receiving Dean of the College;
  5. Submit an envelope, 2X2 picture and evaluation form to the Dean of the receiving College.

G. Pledge of Requirement for Admission

Every student shall upon admission sign the following pledge: “In consideration of my admission to the Jose Rizal Memorial State university and of the privileges I will henceforth enjoy, as a student in this State University, I hereby pledge to abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the competent authority of the State University and the Institution where I am enrolled.”

Violation of the terms contained in the University Code shall be sufficient cause for denial of admission.

H. Official Registration

In order to receive credit for courses / subject work, a student must be officially registered. The official registration, which is a record of the subject wherein a student has enrolled, is made when the registrar’s copy of the enrollment form is duly stamped with “ENROLLED” by the registrar or its representative and is submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

Attendance in class by students without any official enrollment during the period is considered invalid.

No student can be allowed to register officially on a term without completing his / her previous semester requirements including payments for his / her tuition and miscellaneous fees.

Any omission of the foregoing shall invalidate the current registration for the semester.