Classification of Students

Undergraduate students shall be classified as regular, irregular, special or temporary.

A. Regular Students
Regular students follow organized program of study subject to the provisions of the JRMSU Code and the rules and regulations of the University, which lead to the completion of a degree or non-degree course. They carry the full semestral load prescribed by their respective curricula. For registration purposes, they shall be identifies as follows:

a. Freshmen must have completed not more than 25 percent of the total units required in the respective course.
b. Sophomore must have completed at least 50 percent but not more than 75 percent of the total number of units in the respective course, and;
c. Juniors must have completed not less than 75 percent of the total number of units required in the respective course;
d. Seniors must have completed all the requirements of the respective course.

B. Irregular students
Irregular students are those who are registered for formal credits, but who carry less than the full load prescribed in the curriculum in a given semester and those who enroll in subjects in other year level.

C. Special Students
The special students are those who do not receive formal academic credits for any work done and may be permitted to enroll in the University even if they do not fully satisfy the entrance or admission requirements.

D. Temporary Students

They are registered for formal credits but without admission credentials. These students are allowed to register on case-to-case basis, subject to the approval of the Registrar whose credentials for submission shall be determined by the Dean of the College. Failure to comply with the requirements on temporary enrollment status will not entitle the students to any credit of the subject enrolled and any payment thereof shall be forfeited.

E. Cross Enrolling Students
Cross enrolling students are those who are registered in other institution when the subject required for graduation is not offered in the University. Approval of the Dean and Registrar have to be secured in writing.