Dormitory Services

The JRMSU-Katipunan Campus has two dormitories – the Men’s and the Ladies dormitories, serving the students who prefer to stay within the school campus.
Implementation of rules and regulation is strictly followed by dorm occupants for peaceful “dorm life”, orderly, and security during their stay in the dormitory.  For their spiritual growth, the bi-monthly devotion is attended by dorm residents to enlighten their lives about God.  Furthermore, they are exposed and made responsible to dorm chores through general cleaning and room arrangement. Evaluation in their assigned tasks are regularly done by the dorm-in-charge.

Ladies Dormitory

Ladies Dorm

Men’s Dormitory

Mens Dorm


The dormitory has a minimal amount due which is collected monthly from the occupants during their stay in the campus.  It is only Php 250.00/month for permanent resident and Php 100.00 per month for transient (lunchtime only).


  1. JRMSU – Katipunan Campus students, faculty and staff are the first priority in the dormitories, however, students from other schools who are conducting their OJT and having special classes in the campus are accepted upon special arrangement with the Campus Administrator.
  2. Only prospective dorm occupants with checklist of things needed in the dormitory duly checked by the dorm-manager or Dorm-in charge are accepted.
  3. A prospective applicant must sign a waiver to be submitted to the Dormitory or In -charge.
  4. The prospective applicant must submit duly accomplished personal information sheet.
  5. Dormitory applicant must comply the requirements for admission.
  6. A prospective dormitory client must have an approved application by the Dean of the Students and Auxiliary Services for admission to the dormitory.
  7. Residents should provide themselves with bed sheets or beddings. Mattress without bed sheets should be confiscated and the rental should be forfeited by the school.
  8. The dormitory is for the dorm residents only, however, parents visiting their students could stay overnight provided that they should bring with their own bedding’s.
  9. The reservation for space in the dorm should only be considered upon payment of one month advance plus the payment for the rentals of the mattress.
  10. Reservation payment would be forfeited by the school in case the prospective client will not continue to reside in the dorm.
  11. All dorm residents are considered out from the dormitory five (5) days after the end of every semester, however, they are allowed to stay during enrollment provided that they have the proper permit from Dormitory Manager or In-charge duly approved by the Dean of Student Services.
  12. Residents causing damage to dorm property through negligence or intention should be made to pay the amount of the damage property or may be evicted from the dorm.
  13. No prospected dorm occupant should be admitted unless he/she has paid her/his previews obligations.
  14. Dorm obligations should be paid every first week of the month.
  15. Gambling, drinking, smoking and the use of prohibited and illegal drugs and the like are absolutely not allowed.
  16. All dorm occupants should fill up the log book upon leaving and arriving in the dormitory except when attending classes.
  17. Dormitory occupants should observed energy conservation, such as turn off the lights and closing the faucet after using.
  18. Vandalism and littering are strictly prohibited.
  19. Dormitory residents must observe the curfew at 8:30 pm, thus the dormitory shall be closed at this hour. To ensure that all residents can get outmost security, the Dormitory Manager or Dormitory In-Charge shall extend his/her services to the dormitory up to 8:30 pm or beyond as the need arises.
  20. Dormitory residents are required to secure the Dormitory ID Card. It will be deposited at the guard house in case they will leave the dormitory and school premises. It will be claimed by the owner upon his arrival at the Guard House.


  1. The amount of Php 250.00 is charged monthly for every resident.
  2. The amount of Php 50 is charged as rental for the mattress per semester.
  3. A transient residents should be charged Php 75.00 per month (transient residents are students who stay at the dormitory during lunch time but not provided with bed.)
  4. Residents with electric fan should pay an additional payment of Php 150.00 per month.
  5. The used of electric stove, electric iron and electric heater are strictly not allowed in the dorm.
  6. The amount of Php 150.00 is charged for the use of rice cooker.


  1. Observance of cleaning routine to maintain cleanliness of kitchen, study halls, comport rooms, laundry areas, bedrooms and surroundings must be strictly adhered.
  2. Room occupants are responsible for the cleanliness of the respective room.
  3. Eating of meals inside the bedroom is strictly prohibited.
  4. Washing plates inside the bedroom is strictly prohibited.
  5. All cleaning activities should be done in the morning before leaving the dormitory for classes and after classes in the afternoon.
  6. Washing clothes must be done at the laundry area.


  1. Dormitory residents should practice proper conduct inside the dormitory as well as in the school.
  2. Conversation voices a sounds from radios and cassettes should be loud enough only for room occupants.
  3. Observation of study hours from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM should strictly follow.
  4. Television viewing is from 5:00 to 8:00 PM during Sundays to Thursday and up to 10:00 PM during Fridays. However, they can watch the television anytime during Saturdays.


  1. Dormitory residents can accommodate their visiting relatives in the dormitory receiving room, but they could only entertain their friends along the corridor adjacent to the registrar and Student and Auxiliary Services offices.
  2. Classmates are not allowed inside the resident quarter and in using the comport rooms without proper permission.
  3. Overnight stay of relatives may be allowed only with permission from the Dorm-Manager or Dorm In-Charge and the Security Guards.
  4. Outsiders are allowed to visit their friends in the dormitory up to 8:00 PM only and in no cases should be allowed to enter in the dormitory premises. At exactly 8:00 PM the guard on duty shall promptly guide the visitors to leave the dormitory and the school campus for security.
  5. Dormitory visitors shall write their names and other information required in the Dormitory Visitors Logbook at the Guard House before any visitors is to be made. Decent clothes/attire shall be required for the visitors.


  1. Dorm residents with complete prescribed uniform are required to attend the flag raising ceremony during Mondays.
  2. Civic parades and other activities should be attended too religiously.
  3. Class schedule is required to be submitted to the Dorm Manager / In-Charge for reference.